1. Why do I need to upgrade?

Every year you pay an annual maintenance fee (Enhancement Plan) to Microsoft, which is ideally 16% of your license value. Your investment on maintenance will become void if you are not upgrading your system. However, Microsoft uses this maintenance fee for improvisation of software. With newer versions you get better integration with other business applications, additional features and enhancements which will improve performance.

2. What is Customer Source and how can I access it?
Customer Source is a secured password protected site for all Microsoft Dynamics customers engaged in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan or a service plan. With training and documentation that is available online your company can improve efficiency. By being up-to-date with the latest updates, service packs, downloads, over 1,200 e-learning courses and accessible knowledge base (with articles and resolutions) customers can reduce their support costs. In addition to this, customers can also gain access to user groups and active communities.
Access to these resources is provided at no extra charge when you are enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan.

Click here to access your Customer Source

If you have any difficulties when trying to access the Customer source please contacts us and we will be happy to help.


3. What is the latest version and how different is it from the earlier versions?

Here is an insight into the different versions  starting with the most recent:

    • Dynamics 365 Business Central
    • Dynamics NAV 2018
    • Dynamics NAV 2017.
  • Dynamics NAV 2013 R2.
  • Dynamics NAV 2009: Pre-release (also called Dynamics NAV 6.0)
    1. 2009 R2
    2. 2009 SP1
    3. 2009 ( NAV 6.0)
  • Dynamics NAV 5.0:
    1. 5.0 SP1
    2. 5.0
  • Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 4.0
    1. 4.00 SP3
    2. 4.00 SP2
    3. 4.00 SP1
    4. 4.00
  • Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 3.7
    1. 3.70 B
    2. 3.70 A
    3. 3.70
  • NAVISION Attain 3.x
  • Navision Financials

The latest version Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 is worth upgrading to and it offers:

  • Solution on premise or in the cloud.
  • One microsoft user experince with office 365
  • Enhanced bank integration scenarios.
  • A three tire architecture which facilitates more network traffic with less overhead on user.
  • Web Services Interface which allows remote access to the system via web/Mobile devices.
  • Continued support from Microsoft.
  • Embedded workflow communication.
  • Role tailored client with user specific roles and authorisations.
4. How do I check my version of Dynamics NAV?

In the menu task bar, go to Help -> About NAV. This displays the current version of Dynamics NAV that you are using.

5. Can I integrate other software with NAV to meet specific business need?

Yes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is compatible and highly scalable with the technology that you already use delivering value without high costs. However the Third-Party software is to be thoroughly reviewed and checked for compatibility.

6. How much will I be charged for support activities

You can choose fixed cost monthly or annual support. These costs vary depending upon the number of users.

On a daily basis you can choose a consultant to work on your requirements for just £299.

Fixed price only:

  • Fixed monthly prices are based upon the number of active application users and number of databases.

Ad hoc only:

  • Hourly charges based on the requirements as specified and agreed by the client.
  • Annual hotline support which is offered at 30% less than the average market price.
7. What assurances are there that I will receive the right kind of support?

We are a team of qualified Microsoft Certified Professionals with the following certifications:

  • MB7-841 : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 C/SIDE Solution Development.
  • MB7-839 : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Core Setup and Finance.
  • MB7-838 : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Installation and Configuration.
  • MB5-858 : Microsoft Dynamics Methodology implementation exam, Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations.
  • Exam 70-432 : TS : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance.

At NavisionSupport.com, a standard Microsoft methodology is followed when undertaking the projects. This ensures that all the requirements are properly documented, making sure that there are no communication gaps when delivering solutions. Also each request is assigned an owner (one from the customer team and one from NavisionSupport.com), in order to maintain the development in line with the requirements, as set out by the client.

8. I need additional licenses, can I purchase these from you?

Yes. If you need any additional licensing, simply contact NavisionSupport.com, as you can purchase these from us at a discounted rate.

9. Am I up-to-date with my Enhancement Plan?

It is important to keep track of the expiry dates of your annual Enhancement Plans to avoid any late fee charges. Please check your Enhancement Plan now. If you have any queries regarding your Enhancement Plan please contact us, as we could be able to offer you a better deal.