Why should I upgrade?

Upgrades to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft keeps updating its software to make it more user friendly or add more features to the existing one. It is highly recommended that you use the latest version of the software so that you don’t lose out on the improved and added features that can improve your business processes and get the most out of the software.
Improve Business Productivity and Effectiveness
Gain a range of new and enhanced functionalities, such as sales and purchase document approval, prepayment capabilities, intercompany cost distribution, inventory costing traceability, and more. Empower your people to act quickly by using deep contextual business intelligence capabilities and powerful data visualization capabilities, and use Microsoft SharePoint technology to connect your employees, customers, and partners.
Deploy a Modern Technology Platform and Architecture

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 platform and architecture make it easy to adapt your system to new business models, extend connectivity to other line-of-business systems, work more smoothly with other Microsoft technologies – including Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and improve total cost of ownership.

Upgrading to the latest ERP technology infrastructure gives you the foundation to support specialized business processes, leverage application virtualization, and improve organizational agility. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 supports direct access from the Microsoft Dynamics role Tailored experience over the Internet. This allows remote or roaming users to take advantage of the richness and Microsoft Office integration of the Role Tailored interface.

The new version is included with Bank account reconciliation, Electronic payment, and reconciliation of transaction facilities, facilitating faster bank transactions.

How much does it cost?

The latest version of Dynamics NAV is quick to implement, easy to use and you have a choice of either windows or web client. With this Role Tailored Client existing modifications will not work and some functions have to be written again.

Also upgrade time may vary for those versions on 4.0 and below when compared to Version 5.0 and above. However our costs are always affordable priced at £199 per day.

What next?

  1. Assess your existing system.
  2. Identify your increased business needs.
  3. Talk to a us.
  4. Get your system reviewed.
  5. Analyse our review report.
  6. Decide your upgrade options.